Friday, December 28, 2012

Elf Antics: Week 3 & Saying Goodbye

Before I get to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, I need to post about our last week with Bernard!
Monday morning he was hanging out in our coffee holder!
Tuesday we found Bernard with a small gift for Lane! The Hawkeye Avenger figure! Bernard had been giving Santa such good reports, that the big guy let him bring an early toy back!! Lane was super pumped!

Wednesday he had left a fun message with Lane's magna doodle!
Thursday he was hiding on our train table!

Friday morning he was taking a bath "Elf Style" a bowl of peppermint marshmallows!!
Mommy missed taking Saturday's pic...oops!! But he was chilling with Levi's Mickey!
Sunday morning Bernard had a special treat for the boys...he left "Magic Peppermints"!

And a note to explain!!
And Monday morning, Christmas Eve morning, we awoke to this....
The Magic Peppermints had grown into Magic Candy Canes!! Bernard also had a sweet goodbye note for the boys, since this would be his last day with us! I found this note via Pinterest, and if you click the pic you can read it clearer, but at the very end it says " that Santa will lift the magic and for a few minutes the boys can touch and give kisses to Bernard"!!! Lane was SO excited!!! He immediately grabbed for him, gave him hugs and kisses and loved on him! Levi was so precious to see how attached they got to him this year!!

Levi still says Bernard's name and looks for him! He's not quite sure where he went! So sweet!! I love this fun tradition.....Until Next Year Bernard!!!

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