Wednesday, June 3, 2015

EOY Accomplishments

It's hard to believe Lane is now a 2nd grader!!! He had another great year of school. I'm so thankful that he loves school and learning. The last Monday of the year there was a school wide awards assembly, which honored only a handful of students in the school.  It recognized those with Perfect Attendance (which Lane missed by ONE day!), Incoming Respect Core, and then lastly, the coveted OREO Award. 
The OREO award is the highest award our school gives, and one student is chosen per class. We were notified a few weeks earlier that Lane had been chosen for his class! Talk about being so proud!! 
Lane had no idea he was getting it and gave us a huge smile when he spotted us in the audience! 

Then on Wednesday he had his classroom awards...
looking handsome before school!!

The word chosen by his peers to describe him...Sporty! 

Lane and Mrs. Snider

We missed Mrs. Rich dearly at the end of the year, but so thankful so an amazing sub! Lane loved her too! Just like that first grade is in the books!!! 

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