Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's Day Fun

Our Valentine's festivities started Wednesday with Levi's school party! He was very excited for his party!

Levi's valentine's for his friends!

Friday started off with Valentine goodies from mommy and daddy! 

A quick photo of my handsome boy before he was off to school!

Paul was off Friday, so he went to eat lunch with Lane and then we just hung out! At 1:30 I headed up to Lane's school for his party! The main feature was the ice cream bar! The kids were in heaven!!

Lane's table! He wanted a Nintendo DS box, so that's what we made!

Lane passing out his goodies!

Sweet buds!

Next up was some games with conversation hearts!

We decided to eat an early dinner, which is the only way to go with kiddos on V-day!! We ate a very yummy dinner at Mi Cocina!!

Then we picked up cheesecake for dessert at home!!

It was a great day with my three Valentine's!! How on Earth I got so lucky with these three, I don't know!! Love them all so much!!

Hope everyone had a great day with lots of LOVE!

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