Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Celebrating Daddy & 100 Days of School

Wednesday was Paul's 32nd birthday!! It was also, thanks to a very unnecessary day ice day the day before, was Lane's 100th day of school!! So we started the morning with a little 100 day fun, and the candles were fitting for daddy's birthday as well!!

Later that evening I had a few things waiting for Paul when he got home!

Including a Whataburger dinner! Wednesdays are practice nights, so it was something fast and easy! And come on, nothing says happy birthday like Whataburger, ha!

We let Paul open gifts before they went...

And this is what Lane wanted to get his dad! A big Nerf gun just like his, so they can shoot each other!!

Lane was just a tad bit excited! I also got him a gift card!!

Then after practice we enjoyed some yummy cupcakes!! 

Happy birthday Paul, I can't believe I've gotten to celebrate the last 14 birthdays with you! 
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