Tuesday, February 11, 2014

This & That

Well here we are, ANOTHER "ICE" day...I'm saying that a little sarcastically b/c as I'm typing this, looking out the window, there is no ice or snow to be seen, the streets are DRY and almost every other single school district is in school right now!
Now, as a former teacher, I would be over the moon about being off today, (however my old district hardly ever closed down) BUT as a mommy all I know is that I have a long day ahead of me, not to mention Lane was a little sad when he woke up and I told him he wasn't going to school! You see today was the 100th day of school and he was excited for it!
In the end, I know that our district is just taking extra precaution and  student safety is their main concern! It's all good if only I had  Lane's valentine's here so we could knock those out today, ha!
Not a whole lot has been going on lately. We are winding down basketball season. Lane has really enjoyed basketball! It's about to pick up again with baseball and soccer both about to start back! Oh the fun!
This past weekend we took the boys to see The Lego Movie! We both thought Levi was finally ready to go and watch a movie. We got in, got snacks, got settled in our seats, took silly pics, ate popcorn, watched all the previews, and then literally the moment the movie started I looked over and Levi had fallen asleep, sitting straight up, hands in his popcorn! Poor thing slept through the entire movie!!! 

In other news, I finished Bread & Wine yesterday...OMG so good....I'll post a review on it tomorrow hopefully! Happy Tuesday!
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