Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{30 Book Challenge} 5th Book Review

We're back!!! Mexico was AUH-MAZING!!! Our trip deserves a post all it's own, but in the mean time, let's talk about the only book I read while on vaca! I had high hopes for reading Divergent as well, but too much drinking and too much mingling went on. Oh well!
So my 5th book was Ladies Night by Mary Kay Andrews.

I first read this author in book club and enjoyed Summer Rental. Since then I think I've read about three others of hers. Her books are super easy reads, chick books, nothing too heavy! This one caught my eye because the main character is a famous blogger, ha! Anyway it was good! Life changing, no, but enjoyable! I give it four stars!!

This was how you found me at any given time during the day on our trip!! 

Reading at the pool, on the beach, or yes.... even on our patio that had it's own pool!!

What are ya'll reading!?!?!
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