Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spring Break Fun

Aw, Spring Break! As a teacher, other than summer break, SB was the next best thing, ha! A nice little break that let you know summer was on the horizon!! This year was no different!! Although I wasn't longing for it desperately as in previous years, I welcomed the week! A week of no schedules, nowhere to be, and lots of extra time with my big boy!!
This year the theme for Spring Break was friends and fun! Nothing big planned but lots of fun play dates to keep us nice and busy!
On Monday my mom was still here, it was her last day, so even though I had just gotten back from Mexico, I wasn't about to just sit indoors! So we headed up to the trampoline park for some jumping fun!! We ended the evening with a family dinner at Carinos!!

Tuesday was the only day we didn't go anywhere. We slept in late, played, went to the park, and I got caught up on laundry and picked up the house a bit! A much need stay at home day! We ended the night with dinner at Fuzzy's with neighbors! It was a perfect night to sit on the patio, have a margarita and enjoy good company! While the kids ran around of course!
Wednesday we met our friend Kennedy and her mom for lunch and a trip to the bounce house place! They ran and jumped their little hearts out! 

Thursday one of my friends I used to teach with and her son came over to visit and play! We spent time indoors, outdoors, and even at CFA playing!! The boys loved playing with Garrett and I loved catching up with Dawn!

And on Friday, we ended our week of fun with a trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo with some of our favorite girls!! They had a blast and I loved hanging out with Megan and Kristin!!

These three!! Friends for most of their lives....I hope they always stay friends!!

 And these two!! Such little hams!

It was a fun day with this crew!! 

Another SB in the books!!
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