Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My sweet little boy turned SIX yesterday!! It's gone by so fast!! I vividly remember laying in my hospital bed, epidural in, feeling good, watching the Hills finale, waiting to enter a whole new life as mommy!
Ever since that day, or very early morning I should say, I have watched this precious little boy grow and learn and change! I am so proud of who he is and who he is becoming! 
We started off his big day with presents and his favorite donuts!

Grammie had sent her gifts for Lane, so we set those out for him as well!

Singing to the birthday boy!

He opened gifts while eating! More NASCARS of course!

Grammie sent Levi a little something to open as well, he loved it!!

And a quick little photo shoot before we were off to school!

The birthday boy had a special McDonald's lunch request, so Levi and I took him lunch!

Levi thinks he is big stuff at the "big school"!

Along with lunch, I took a cookie cake to celebrate with his class!! The best group shot I got!

That evening we met family at Chuck E Cheese to continue celebrating! It's kinda become a yearly thing!

His annual horse birthday pic! I swear I'm going to be dragging him up there when he's 18 for this picture!

Aunt Terry made a yummy brownie/cookie cake!

He felt like giving hugs while we were singing. Hugs for daddy...

Hugs for Levi...

Hugs for Kelly!

And got a few gifts too!

We had such a great day celebrating our big SIX year old!!

And for a look down memory lane....SO SO crazy how he's grown!!

Happy Birthday Lane!! We love you to pieces!!

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