Thursday, March 28, 2013

Birthday Celebration #2....a SUPER Party!

This past Saturday we had Lane's 5th Birthday Party at Urban Air! I tell ya, whoever thought of a trampoline park was a genius!! After going to a party there, Lane was sold! He also choose Superman as the theme! This was the first time that I didn't really have to "go all out" for a party....and I do have to admit, it was kinda nice!! The only thing I decorated was the table and the only other party stuff I did was the favors! Simmmple!!
He had a blast!! We had 12 kiddos and lots of family there to celebrate my favorite five year old! So now, on with the pictures!

No party is complete without family coordinated shirts, ha!!

I found these adorable cups on Etsy that served great as favor holders!! The shop was called Signature Avenue! I loved them!!

This was one of the things in their cups! I found this idea on Pinterest!! Glow sticks as "kryptonite"!

My aunt produced more amazing cakes as always!

Quick story.....I didn't really think anything about it when Lane picked the theme awhile back. Fast forward to about 2-3 weeks before party time, and Superman party decor is nowhere to be found! Apparently a new line is coming out in May, so basically you had to look on Ebay for "rare vintage Superman decor"...that came with a not so pretty price!! And if you know me and parties, you know there was no way I was going to go with paper products that came from the venue. So what's a girl....I mean a crazy party planning, gotta have everything look cute girl to do....I bought plain jane paper products in Superman colors, then whipped up some cute tags to dress the napkins up!! I think it worked, and I kinda even like it better!

My boys are some jumping freaks!! Levi went to town!!

Lane and Braedon...rocking their matching shirts!

Little Claire

Lane and Titus

Some of the girls....Eva, Kelsey, Maddie, and Caroline!!! All four of these girls have been in Lane's class since the beginning!

Claire and Faith

Cake time!

Present time!

After the party, the whole family went out to dinner! We had to take a shot of our crazy crew!

The party was so fun!! Lane had a blast and we are so thankful for all of our family who were able to come and for all of Lane's sweet friends who came as well!! He is on lucky kid!
Now back to square one...gotta get on the ball for planning birthday party number two for Mr. Levi!
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You guys all wearing superman shirts... adorable!!