Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Stepping Stones Easter Festivities

Last Thursday I took off and got to enjoy the boy's school Easter parties! Luckily, they were at different times, so I was able to hang out with each of their classes!! 
Levi's was up first! When I got there he immediately got all shy and wanted me to hold him! He loosened up once he realized I wasn't leaving! Grampy had come over the night before to bring the boys their Easter goodies, so we used those baskets instead of the ones I bought!
Here he is all ready to hunt!

The class made their way outside.

Levi definitely got the whole hunting eggs thing down this year!

Some of his sweet little class.

Once he got enough, it was to the wall to check out his candy!

While they were wrangling up all the kids, I snuck out and went to Lane's class. Mrs. Patty had bunny ears for all of them!

Lane and Enzo

Their class hide eggs in the front of the school. 

Lane and Claire

After the hid eggs, it was pinata time. 
So glad I was able to spend time with them at school and enjoy their fun! 
More Easter fun coming!
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