Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Egg Lunch & An Egg Hunt

I love trying to come up with fun, creative ideas for the boys. Somewhere I came across this idea of having an Easter Egg lunch! I loved it and thought the boys would too! So Friday night, the boys had their Easter Egg dinner!
Just saved an egg carton, split some plastic eggs, and filled them with bit sized food! I also made them each a bunny shaped pb&j sandwich! Throw in a fun straw with your milk and you're good to go!!! I LOVED how it turned out!!

And so did the boys! When Lane came in from playing and saw it, he was excited! Please notice the dirt on his face! Man that boy plays hard, ha!

Mr. this baby boy!! And here notice that he gets a big boy cup as well! He really does not like drinking from sippys anymore!

Being Silly!

This was all that was left of Lane's! I'd say he liked it!! Presenting food in a fun way is a winner!

We woke up Saturday morning to our t-ball game getting cancelled....that's two weekends in a row now! So after a morning of playing around the house, we went to an egg hunt held by a local church. We have some friends who go there and invited us out! Aside from the fact that we left almost covered in mud b/c of the rain the previous night, the boys had a blast!
They had bounce houses for the kids.

We also ran into our new neighbors there! They held the egg hunts by age group. Levi and Preston got to go first!

And their off!

 The big boys waited so patiently for their turn!

I thought this would be a pretty picture!!!

Levi wasted no time digging in and finding himself some candy while it was Lane's turn!

The four of them!!

After the hunt we all left and headed to Chick-Fil-A for some lunch and playing!! A very fun afternoon in the books!!
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Eleanor said...

I love the lunch eggs idea! I'm definitely doing that with my littles next Easter!