Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Levi


Today you are TWO years old!!! 
I feel like it was just yesterday your daddy and I were in the hospital, watching the Royal Wedding, eagerly anticipating meeting you! You didn't keep us waiting long, and when you made your arrival we were instantly in love!

These two years have been the fastest yet! You have grown so fast! You are our little comedian! You do and say the funniest things!! Speaking of "saying", you talk all the time!! People comment on your talking almost everywhere we go!! 

You love Lane! You love to bug him as well! For the most part, you two play very well together! You have to copy him on almost everything! You love to watch him play sports and you have picked them up also!

You love going to school! You haven't cried at drop off in I don't know how long!! Your teacher is Ms. Tia and some of your friends are Olivia, Cullen, Tucker, and Jacob! You can count to 10 and say about the first half of the alphabet! And you love to sing songs and dance!!

You love the Ipad and Iphone! You have watched enough of Lane playing his that you have caught on very quick and you can find exactly what you're looking for, whether it a song or an app! 

You LOVE to EAT!!! You will eat almost anything. And you want to eat ALL THE TIME!!! So very different from your brother!! You like to watch Disney Jr. and Nick Jr. Some of your favorite shows are: Imagination Movers, Little Einsteins, Jake, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

You are truly my little stinker!! You keep your daddy and I busy and on our toes! We can be so frustrated one minute, then laughing at you the next! I love you to pieces and wouldn't change a thing about you!!! 

I can't wait to watch you grow and learn new stuff!! It's been a fast, fun, wonderful two years little man!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Big Boy!!

Party Pics coming your way!

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Emily said...

What a fun party! My little boy is just a couple of months older than Levi. Can't wait to meet you through FWMB!