Monday, March 25, 2013

Lane Turns FIVE

I wanted to document his actual birthday yesterday! Lane woke up to a chorus of Happy Birthday singing from mommy, daddy, and Levi! Paul had taken two days off and it just so happened to be on Lane's birthday, so Lane was going to get a special treat and spend some of the day with daddy! Daddy had a few errands to run first, so he took the boys to school, with donuts in hand, a special request from the birthday boy!
Around 9ish yesterday morning, I received some precious pictures from the director of our school! Just another reason why I love SS!! Her message was "Thought you may want these!" They were of Lane's birthday donut breakfast!

Levi loves Mrs. Patty, so she let him hang with the big kids and eat breakfast!

Paul picked him up and their first stop was Bueno for some lunch, then they headed to Main Event for some bowling!! Paul said Lane had a blast! Paul was on strict picture taking duty from me, ha!! Here is some of their fun....

Once I got home, it was time for presents. Lane had held out all day and was dying to open them!

He immediately wanted all his gifts opened, especially his new IPAD!!! He was so excited that he had his own!! Daddy loaded it with all his favorite games and apps!! 

After playing, we let Lane choose where he wanted to go for dinner...he choose McDonalds of course! So we obliged! After dinner it was abck home for baths and more playing! A fun birthday for my sweet five year old!!!
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