Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Snapshots & SOTW

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!
I had several pictures from my phone that I wanted to put on here! The first couple are from putt camera card was full so I snapped some with my phone. Does Levi not look so big here!?!?! He looks so old!! But so cute....boy did he love putt putt!

This one cracks my up....notice his paci on the ground!! I guess he needed full concentration, ha!

These next couple are from this past Saturday. We spent the whole morning outside with our neighbors! The boys rode their jeeps and the babies just played! I am LOVING living on a decision we've ever made!! Both of our houses are right on it, so we can just let the boys go wild!!!

This makes me laugh....the boys are "muddin" as Braedon told Lane!! This house, right next to ours, is the last house under construction on our street...thank the lord!.... and provides a perfect place to do a little off roading!!

With time change, all the boys want to do when we get home is play outside...they could play out there 24 hours if I let them!! 

And lastly, this week Lane is student of the week! Yesterday when I picked them up, I snapped some pictures of his wall!! When the questionnaire was sent home, we asked Lane all the questions and it's hilarious that almost all his responses were sport related!
Left Side

Right Side

We have fun busy weekend coming!! LL Opening Ceremonies, two games, and a 5th Birthday Bash for my sweet boy!! 

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