Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hippity Hoppity Easters On Its Way

After seeing so many cute options all over Pinterest, I knew I wanted to make fun little countdown for the boys! I choose this one b/c it looked super quick and easy!
First up was a quick trip to Michaels to gather everything!! They seriously had the best little finds! Here's what I got:
Plastic Eggs
Number Stickers
Easter Grass
& some fun Easter Candy
(Easter egg ring pops, Easter air heads, and bunny candy bracelets)
Next up was coming up with the little activities I wanted to do. I needed twelve simple, fun things! Here's my List:
Easter Craft...color easter cut-outs
Go see the Easter Bunny
Watch Hop
Read an Easter Book
A Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt in the House!
Easter Egg Lunch
And the last one..."Magic Jelly Beans"!!
About four days will have the candy above..I put those on our busy weeknight days when I knew "doing" something would be hard!
After that I just printed the list off, put the stickers on, filled each egg, and that was about it! I added the Easter Countdown last minute, when I realized my egg carton had alot of writing on the it was a quick fix to cover it up!
And here is the finished product...our 2013 Easter Countdown!!!

Lane is so excited to open these eggs...this morning the first thing he asked me was if today was an "egg day"! I told him it didn't start quite yet! I probably should have waited until the night before to put it out, ha!!

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