Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Break Fun

Monday night my aunt and cousins came down for a quick two day visit! After a Bachelor finale watch party Monday night, we were all ready for a day of fun Tuesday! We decided on a Putt-Putt place! 
The first thing we did was the Junior track, which Lane barely made. Lane was in heaven!! This was his first time driving a go kart of any kind and he was thrilled!! He is so big doing this stuff but looks so little!! 
My future racer, ha!

So cute!!!

After racing it was time for some bumper boats, which I got recruited to do this with him!


Next up was the big go karts! Lane was able to ride them with an adult! So my aunts both took him!
Here is Terry and Jared


Angie and Lane

Haley also drove...I love her face here!
We ended the day with Putt-Putt! Lane and Levi both loved this!!! Unfortunately, my camera card became full on hole #1, so I missed alot of cute pics! Darn!
We had a great day!! Tuesday night me, Angie, Haley, and Nana hit up a late show and saw Safe Haven! Wednesday was a chill day and yesterday Lane went to Graham with some family to go fishing. This was his first time and they said he loved it! I meanwhile had to take Levi to the doc...he had a nasty little cough!
Which brings us to today, Friday, which I consider my last day of Spring Break...sad day. We went out to Six Flags to process our Season Passes and maybe to let the boys ride a few rides. Well not so much, there were like a million people there, no lie, so they rode one ride, we grabbed snow cones, processed our cards, and got the heck out of there!!
I had loved this break!!! No school...even though I was still getting up early, no homework, no practices, no schedule!!! can't believe it's already done. I am looking forward, though, to the weekend!! The weather is supposed to be beautiful and we are planning on spending it outside, hopefully catching a few rays...lord knows I need some color!!
Hope everyone has had a fabulous break!!!
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