Monday, March 25, 2013

5 Years Old: A Birthday Letter from Mommy

To My Sweet Big Boy,

Today you turned FIVE!! I can't even believe that you are that old!! You have been so excited about this birthday, watching as all your sweet friends turn five, asking me all the time when it would be your turn, anxiously awaiting YOUR big day! And here it is!
I want to write about some of your favorite things right now, so one day you can look back and read about and laugh at all this! 
You are obsessed with sports! Every day you want to get in the backyard and practice. You have so much internal passion for playing! Your daddy and I love watching you play! I only hope that this stays with you as you continue to grow!
You are still my very picky eater! McDonalds is still your top choice and Chick-Fil-A is your close second, ha! You love your chocolate milk and your chocolate Poptarts! 
Some of your favorite shows and movie right now are: Ninja Turtles, any superhero cartoon,Team Umizoomi, The Sandlot, Mighty Ducks to name a few.
On the school front, you are doing so well! You have began to read and all blowing me away with how quickly you are picking it up! You love to learn new things and love to go to school!
You have such a sweet, sensitive heart. You love your brother, but do also still want your alone time! 
You really really want a dog, but since mommy and daddy just can't make that a reality, you have Spot, and you seriously treat him like the real deal!
I love the little man that you are becoming! You amaze me and make me so proud every single day. Thank you for making me a mommy, and being the best little boy I could have ever asked for! 
Happy Birthday sweet boy,
Love Mommy:)

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