Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived!!! Thank goodness!! Saturday was the beginning of our week off! We woke up to a very misty, windy, yucky morning. Lane had a 10 am game, which the weather made not so fun, ha!

That afternoon Paul and I got away for a little "day date'! We saw OZ, which was really good, then grabbed lunch/dinner at Cheesecake Factory right next door!! We hurried back just in time for the yucky storm to hit! Lane's a little scared of storms, so we set up camp in our room...air mattress, sleeping bags, and two little boys! They loved it and slept all night long!!
Since daddy doesn't get the week off, we decided to have some family time today. We decided on Sea Life at the Mills. We've been before, but the boys love it, especially Levi! He kept screaming "shark"!! And he would say bye to all the fishes when we would leave each tank, so cute!!

Aside from some play dates I have planned and whatever else may arise, I have several things I want to get done this week! So here is my official "SB To-Do List":
1. Finish reading Gone Girl
2. Get Lane's party stuff bought
3. Get a start on Easter basket goodies
4. Start collecting for my Gallery Wall project
5. Get a mani/!
6. Clear my DVR
7. Oh and I guess I should add on there clean house....will keep this one on the bottom!
We'll see how much gets done! Have a great Monday!!

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