Sunday, March 24, 2013

Birthday Celebration #1 and 500!

Just a quick note....this is my 500th blog post!!! So crazy to me!! It's so wild to think that I started this blog over five years ago, pregnant with Lane, and have documented our lives since! I love blogging and hope to continue it for awhile!.
OK, so yesterday all our activities were cancelled due to the rain, bummer. So we found ourselves with a day completely open! We decided to go see the Easter bunny, seeing how Easter is next weekend!! So we met my sister in law and her kiddos at the mall. Lane was a breeze, but Levi! Mr. Levi decided he did not like the bunny and screamed!! So what did we do...

We put Levi in his stroller and pushed him up there! He was at a safe enough distance away, ha! This pic is  a little was a pic of a pic!

Paul's dad and Cindy can't make it to the party today, so yesterday they came up to celebrate Lane! We all went to Chuck E. Cheese. The kids played and played and had a great time! Lane scored some Ninja Turtles that he has been wanting for a long time!

And just for fun...we have gone to Chuck E. Cheese every single year for our little family celebration for Lane. While there on our first birthday, I took this pic of him on this horse! Well the next year I did the same, and it just kinda became this little tradition to take the same picture at Chuck E. Cheese every year on his birthday!
1st Birthday!

2nd Birthday!

3rd Birthday!
(I can't get over how much he changed b/w year 2 and year 3!)
I can't seem to find my 4th birthday one...darn.....I think my mom has I'm working on finding it!!!
And his 5th Birthday!!

Paul said he'll be laughing when I drag my 10...12...15 year old up to Chuck E Cheese for this picture, ha!! Thanks for a fun night Grampy & Mamby!! I'll be back tonight with 
Lane's 5th SUPER Party!!!
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Branch said...

Such a cute tradition! Happy b day lane!!!