Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Levi's Preschool Christmas Festivities

Holiday festivities are in full swing at both boys' school! It feels so different this year being able to be so involved and able to go to every single thing! I am so grateful to have this opportunity!
Anyway, last week it started with a holiday luncheon at Lane's school, but I'm going to wait and put that in a post about his school holiday fun later!
Monday, Levi's school had there Christmas Program! Each class performed two songs and it was so sweet! 

 Levi was a camel and did great!!

They also did a jingle bell song with bells!

My sweet lil camel!

Since today was their last class before break, they had their Christmas party! First up was decorating waffle cones into Christmas trees!

Didn't take long for him to go in for a bite!

Next up was a play-dough gift exchange!

Then it was time for lunch!

His little class!

Here is everything he came home with! Lots of cute keepsakes!!

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