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Disney Day 3: Disneyland Park

We woke up bright and early again on Tuesday morning for our second full day of park fun! Disneyland Park was on schedule! The park was scheduled to open at 8, but we got to take advantage of the Magic Morning and go in at 7!
 I highly recommend that if you have Magic Hours or Magic Mornings available to you, TAKE THEM!! It may meaning getting up earlier but they are so worth it!

Our first glimpse of the castle!! We wanted to take FULL advantage of the Magic Morning before the real crowds poured in, so we didn't stop at all on Main street to take it in or look around, we were on a mission!

Per my Disney travel agent, she said to go straight to the "Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage". So that's what we did, and boy am I glad I took her advice! This is a super cute ride, in an actual submarine, that takes you on an underwater adventure, and into the world of Finding Nemo! It was precious and both boys LOVED it! A perfect way to start the morning! 
It's a super slow loading/moving ride, so to ride it when there is NO line is the best case scenario! Wait times for this later in the day were crazy long!!

Right after we got off, again per my travel agents suggestion, we went straight over to Fantasyland! This is were all the classic, Disney kid friendly rides are!
The tea cups were first up. Levi didn't want to ride, so daddy sat this one out!

Next was Peter Pan's Flight! This ride is super popular and we waited probably a good 20 minutes for this one, the longest of our waits in Fantasyland!

Train Ride

And then we hit "Dumbo the Flying Elephant"! 
We rode of few other's and skipped a few, such as the carrousel!
On our way back over to Tomorrow Land, we hit up Autopia! In line both boys got Drivers License, which they thought was awesome!

This is in front of the "Matterhorn Bobsleds", the only main ride we didn't get to ride this trip. Wait lines were insanely long and the ride didn't offer a Fast Pass, so it just never worked out, next time for sure! If you don't have little kids who want to ride the Finshing Nemo ride, I would suggest making this your very first ride when the gates open!

Next up was "Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters." All of us loved this ride! And while your waiting there is all sorts of Buzz stuff to keep your attention!

I loved that Levi got to experience everything too! I let daddy ride this one with Lane since I knew they'd both be competing to win, ha!

I tried to get some pics while the ride was going!

Once you got off the ride, they had a place where you could have your picture emailed to you! Pretty cool!

Then we scored big points with Lane when we went into "Innoventions". They had this cool display of Iron Man and all of his costumes, it was pretty cool to see!

They had this animated attraction where you could "become" Iron Man. So we let Lane do it of course! It was so cute!

I'm pretty sure after that Paul and Lane had Fast Passes for "Star Tours", a Star Wars ride. So they used those and I stayed with Levi while he napped!
After they were done, we headed over to Frontierland, and Paul and Lane took a ride on a Pirate Ship!

Then we went over to Critter Country, where we rode The Pooh ride and met Winnie the Pooh. Lane and I also rode Splash Mountain, one of my favorites! Lane loved it and wanted to do it again with daddy, but he refused!

We climbed through Tarzan's Treehouse!

I felt like we walked back and forth the whole day because there are SO many parades and shows that you want to see! So you really have to plan ahead and know what time you need to be where! It's a science I tell ya!
So, we walked back over to Fantsayland to catch the "A Christmas Fantasy Parade"! So cute!!!

Then we just happened to be in the right place to catch the "Mickey and the Magical Map" show.  I had planned on catching a later show, but since we were there we watched it! This was a great show with live characters and lots of fun!

Next up was ToonTown!

This area is all "toon" and fun for the littles! Paul and Lane waited and rode "Gadget's Go Coaster", which Lane said was way better than the kid coaster at Six Flags, ha!

During the wait, Levi and I played in Goofy's Playhouse!

Then it was time to go to Mickey's House and meet the star attraction! The boys walked right up and said hi!

Evening was falling, and while walking again back over to the other side of the park, we paused to take a must have family picture in front of the castle!

On this side of the park you have three popular ride, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain and the Jungle Cruise, of which only ONE offers a Fast Pass for (Splash Mountain)! Not sure why this is but, it makes for some very long lines! Every time we would pass them they were forever long, but were rides we definitely wanted to do, so with Splash Mountain already knocked out with our Fast Passes, we decided we were just going to have to grin and bear it and wait some of them out!
So, first up was "The Haunted Mansion". Paul took Lane to ride first, and waited about 40 minutes, while I stayed back and Levi was again asleep! I told Paul to get a stroller swap so I could immediately ride it again with Lane, but when they were done and came out, Lane didn't like it so much! So I didn't get to ride that one!

Second up, was "Pirates of the Caribbean." I took Lane to wait and ride, while Paul staked out spots for the night show, Fantasmic! We waited for about 30 minutes, and Lane really liked it!
After that I found Paul and Levi was wiped out! It didn't take long and then Lane was out! I had Paul take this picture b/c I found it hilarious that both boys were asleep!

Once the show started the noise woke them up and they loved the shows! Lots of live characters were in it and fireworks!

And then what topped off the show, was that it actually started snowing!! So awesome! Disney really knows how to make it magical for you!
Even though the park was still open for about another two hours, our boys had had enough fun for the day and we decided to call it a day! On our way out we had to take in the castle at night! So magical!!!!

Main Street at Night

Disneyland Park was definitely more crowed than California Adventures was and I felt like we did alot more walking here, but overall this was a great day!! We did stop to eat lunch and dinner in all of that fun, ha! I recommend "Big Thunder Ranch BBQ for dinner....probably our best meal there! And you must get a dessert! Also, for all your girl moms out there, they do have a whole place, the Royal Hall, where you meet ALL the Disney princess! I can't imagine having to squeeze that in too, ha!!
Again, we left about six things that we didn't get to for Wednesday! So stay tuned for our last day at Disneyland!
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