Monday, December 2, 2013

Disney Day 1: Traveling & Downtown Disney

***Disclaimer, Disclaimer!! First of all, let me preface by saying that these Disney posts are OVERWHELMING! SO much info and pictures to share…and SO many memories that I don’t want to forget!! So….bear with me…with over 600 pictures on my camera and more on both our phones, its going to take a bit to sort through them Disney posts will be popping up here and there on the blog as I get each day documented! Be warned that these posts will be LONG and FULL of pictures! But I know in my researching and prepping for our trip, I loved when I came across other mommy bloggers who blogged their trips! I got so many ideas and tips from them!***
So, here we go....Day 1.....I hope you enjoy them!
After lots of planning, reading blogs, booking meals, watching Disney movies, and counting down for our trip, November 24th finally arrived! To say the boys were excited was a complete understatement! It was Disney Day and we were all ready!

Along with all our packing, I made sure the boys were set for the plane ride! Each boy had their small backpacks filled with goodies!

We were off for the airport around 8ish! Levi wanted to carry his own luggage just like big brother! He would not let Paul or I carry it at all! The boys were so cute walking around the airport carrying the suitcases!

We grabbed Dunkin at the airport and the boys enjoyed breakfast watching the planes!

And the ipads are a must! Daddy had those in his backpack!

We finally boarded the planes and the boys were so excited! Flying was half the excitement for them that day! We had a short stop in Lubbock and then a small layover in Vegas!
  {Funny sidenote: When we walked off the plane in Vegas, Lane saw the slot machines that greet you and said  "Oh video games"!} It was super hard to not play:)

Each leg Paul and I traded off our flying buddies, the boys!

We got there around 6:00 and after we checked into our hotel, unpacked and freshened up, we walked over to Downtown Disney to get us in the Disney spirit!

Downtown Disney is a huge entertainment complex filled with restaurants, shops galore, live music, and more! It's such a fun environment!

This store, World of Disney, is like the biggest Disney store I have ever seen! It was huge and had anything Disney you could imagine! They boys were in heaven!

 While waiting for our dinner reservation, we headed over to this neat store were you can basically build your own car. It was super neat and every little boys dream! Of course we let Lane do it and he loved it!

We also hopped over to the Lego Store to check it out!
This Hulk was awesome.


And how precious are these two!
Levi slept though ALL of downtown Disney! Poor baby was wiped out from a long day of traveling! It was kinda nice to have some "alone" time with just let him build the car and have our whole attention, to take his first sights of Disney in, to eat together, and talk about the anticipation of the next day! He was one excited little boy!
 After dinner, we grabbed a cab back to our hotel and went straight to bed! We had a long, fun, magical day ahead of us!

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Dawn said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST! I can't wait until G is old enough to go. I'll be coming to you as the expert!