Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday

Hey guys!! It's Friday, and it's time for Five on Friday! I haven't participated in awhile, but here we go!

Okay so can we talk about Nashville for a minute!? OMG, this weeks finale was crazy, right!? I am keeping my fingers crossed that Will is not leaving the show!! And I'm still holding out hope for a Reyna/Deacon reunion! And what about Juliette and Avery!? I fear that's coming. I love love this show!And how about this picture of the men of Nashville!

Frozen Peppermint Cheesecake! I found this little gem on Pinterest this week and for sure will be making it soon!!

I SO want one of these monogrammed pullovers!! Adorable!

Wednesday I got my December Birchbox. I was kinda unimpressed with it and kinda have been for awhile, with the exception of my "It's a 10" hair spray last month....anyway I'm thinking about cancelling my subscription and maybe finding another one. Anyone got suggestions!?

Oh Disney we miss you! I think we all are missing being at Disneyland! But our pictures have been keeping the memories alive! I am still trying to finish up all my Disney posts...Day 3 and 4, man these things are time consuming, but oh so worth it!! If you missed my first two, see here and here!
Well that's all I got!! Hope everyone has a great FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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CWY said...

I have to catch up on Nashville! I am already bracing myself. Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

Forever Young

Branch said...

Switch from birchbox to ipsy! It's so much better!!! Same price but more make up in full size!

Jennie said...

I was underwhelmed by the December Birchbox, too! If you go with a other subscription, be sure to blog about it! I'll be curious to see what else is out there.

Elise @ Her Heart and Home said...

Hi from the linkup, you gorgeous mama, you! How precious is your fam!? Goodness!! :) Loving that pic of y'all from Disneyland. In December too...even more magical if possible!!! :)

Hope you had a happy, merry weekend! xx