Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

The last five days have been nothing short of wild and crazy! It all started Thursday afternoon when it starting sleeting and didn't stop ALL.NIGHT.LONG!!! We woke up Friday morning with ice covering everything...and thick ice at that! Thus began what has been dubbed "Icemaggedon 2013"!!
Friday was snow day number one and everyone was excited about it! There was no stopping the boys from getting out in it! They quickly realized it wasn't snow and that they needed to be careful!

It was awfully pretty!

Daddy was off as well and we had fun indoors too! Lane did a little "school work"!

And lots of playing!

Later that afternoon all our neighbor buds ventured out and the kids quickly realized all this ice was perfect for sledding! Luckily our neighbor's driveway is a little sloped, so off they were!

They all had a blast, despite the literally freezing temps!

Even the daddies joined in!

This is was a stuck inside all day playroom looks like! And this was even early in the day!

Goofy boy trying to stay warm!

Saturday, day #2, found us stuck inside again! Daddy was doing some work after breakfast and Levi went to get his "laptop"!

One of our neighbors was planning on having her daughter's birthday party that day, but since they ice wreaked that plan, she decided to have a little get together at her house! It was two houses down, so we were good to walk it!

It was candy themed and precious!
The rest of Saturday was spent watching football! 

Sunday, day #3, brought more outside play and a must break out and get lunch play date at McDonalds! Thankfully we don't live too far!

Our pretty community.

Paul had to get back to work on Monday, so it was just me and the boys on day #4! Lot's of ipad time was had and lots of Playstation football games were played by Lane! I did brave the elements and took the boys up to CFA for lunch!

I was shocked when they cancelled school again Tuesday, and I was in much need of some change of scenery and adult conversation! So on ice day #5 we met up with two of my friends and their girls to let the kids jump the day away!! 

After jumping, we took the party to CFA!! It was a perfect day with friends after being cooped up for four days straight!!

So thankful for friends!! Well folks, that's how we spent the great Ice Storm of 2013!!

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