Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Football Fun

This is another catch-up post! 
Two weeks ago Paul and I went down to Austin for the Texas-OSU game. It was a good little getaway, but unfortunately Texas lost.

While we were in Austin, the boys were with my family and went to my cousin Zach's playoff game! With two cousins playing high school football, this time of year means a lot of playoff games for us!

Lane came home with a blank turkey that he was supposed to disguise so that he wouldn't get eaten for Thanksgiving! Super cute idea! Lane chose to disguise him as a Longhorn football player! No shock there!

Our neighbor gang one afternoon after school....they are all a little obsessed with scooters, ha!

Another cousin, another playoff game!

Midway played at Cowboy's stadium the Saturday before we left, so we went to watch Zach and root for Midway. The boys love going there!

Lane made the BIG screen!! He thought it was hilarious!! Stinker!

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Brittany Stokes said...

And none of the kids are wearing helmets!!!