Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Toy Story on Ice

As you guys know, this past weekend was packed full of events.  Starting with Lane's first game to Thomas the Train, Family pictures, and capped off with Toy Story on Ice.  Ever since Toy Story 1, 2 and now Toy Story 3 came out on DVD a few years ago, Lane was hooked!  All we have heard since he could talk is, "Reach of the sky", "To infinity and Beyond!", and "This isn't flying, this is falling in style". 

I have never really been a big fan of any Live Action kids show, but when Grammie (Tara's mom) called and told me about the tickets, I knew that it was more than just a present for him for his birthday, it was our duty to take him to see the show and make sure that he has the best time EVER!  So, here are a few pics from Toy Story on Ice.

Lane getting his picture taken in front of one of the many concession stands that take every parent for every bit of cash in their wallet...  (See the Buzz Lightyear toy he is playing with)

Daddy and Lane before the show.  Again, paying attention to the new Buzz!

Pre-Toy Story, Furr's (version 3.5)

Here is a pic of the Army Soldiers, Zurg, Lane scared of Zurg and Buzz Lightyear coming to Save the Day!

More character pics.  Who could forget when Ken tries on his clothes for Barbie, and of course, more pics of Woody, Buzz and Jessie.

Lane had to have this Snow Cone that came in evil-looking Buzz Lightyear mug.  Check out Lane's hat.  It is supposed to be a Buzz Lightyear head, but it makes Lane look like Lord Dark Helmet from Spaceballs.

All in all, we had a great time and it was the perfect cap to a fantastic weekend!  Grammie, Thanks for the perfect Birthday gift.  Not sure if Tara and I are ready to take another kid to Disney on Ice, but if we do, I know that it will be well worth the trip. ~Dad

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