Sunday, April 3, 2011

1st Game

This weekend was jammed pack full of family fun! Not on purpose but due to a couple of things from last weekend being bumped to this weekend. We literally didn't have time to stop, but it was a great weekend! We got to spend some great quality time just the three of us! And I love that Paul and I are getting to spend some much needed one-on-one time with Lane man....seeing how he is about to have to learn how to share mommy and daddy!
Our weekend started off with Lane's very first Blastball game! I must say it was the cutest thing. All six of our boys did great and they were super cute doing it! I can't wait to watch them all season!
Lane was so excited all morning about his game. He loved getting to finally put on his uniform and he looked  adorable in it, even though it was like a nightgown on him! He definitely looked the part. So onto the pics from the game! I took way too many and had a hard time selecting which ones made the blog!
A's v. Rangers
Lane warming up with daddy!

The team warming up

There's my handsome little ball player!

Team huddle! Even three and four year olds need some pepping up!

We got to bat is Lane waiting his turn.

He hit it the first swing!!
 And he's off!! I think that him running the bases is my favorite part! He is so small out there and he is just so funny!

Running to 2nd!

 And to 3rd to see daddy! Notice how many adults are out in the field!! It's almost one adult for every two kids!! I can't imagine no one being out about craziness!!

 Little chat with daddy!

Now our time to field! Lane was the only one who got "down and ready". Precious! Do you see him out there in the middle?!

That's my boy!! All due to lots of baseball watching!

 Our boys seemed to all want the ball!!! This is what it looked like alot...HA! Even Lane is in this...but he's so small  you can only see his hat!!

I love this picture....never to young to teach good sportsmanship! The team we played was all four year olds who played last year as three year as you can see they kinda knew what they were doing! Lane's hand isn't even out!

My two boys!

Mommy and Lane...and hello there are definitely looking huge these days!!

What a great game! Like I said they all did so good, no complaining from any of them during the game. We play a total of six games and it it crazy to think that by the last one or two games, I'll be pushing a stoller with me! Can't wait!
Next up:  Part 2 of Saturday....A Day Out With Thomas!!

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