Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Club Catch Up

After our montly book club this past Friday, I realized that I haven't blogged about book club in awhile. So now I need to play a little catch up!
Our Februrary Selection was...
This was a pretty good book. It was about a female werewolf torn between a regular life and the "werewolf" life. And in the midst of it all is of course a love story. If you like this genre then I recommened it!
Our March Selection was...
I loved this book! It is a fantasy with a touch of magic! Its starts out with the main character finding a woman hiding in her closet! Every chapter name is the name of a candy, which makes reading it fun and definitely make you crave candy! Highly recommened it for a light fun read!
Our April Selection is...
I haven't started it yet, but have read all the reviews and it sounds like it will be very good!!
In addition to the book club pick, these two books are also sitting on my Kindle! I have been waiting for these two to come out for awhile and can't wait to read them.

One is the newest Jodi Picoult book, Sing You Home. I have read almost all her books....big BIG fan of her!

The other is an autobiography. I've followed this man's blog for awhile now. His name is Matt Logelin. (google him to find his blog) Two years ago he and his wife were expecting their first baby, a little girl. Liz, the wife, went into labor and had the baby with minimal complications. The day after she gave birth, she got up to hold the baby, and she collapsed and died. Such a hearthbreaking story but one that I could not stop following. The husband documented it all on their family blog, very candid I may add, and it caught on with blog readers.  He is such an amazing writer and now his blog/story was pulished into a book. I know this one is going to be a tough, sad read, and not one to read as I'm about to give birth myself, but I will read it at some point.

I know all this reading seems a little ambitious of me with a newborn on the horizon, but reading is a passion of mine and I'll just have to find time to squeeze it in!!

Let me know what you think if you do read any of these or if you have already read any of them!!

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Marci said...

I just finished Jodi Picoult's a few weeks ago...very good!! Makes you think just like all of hers do.