Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Friday Folks!! 
It's been awhile since I've linked up with the gals on 5 on Friday, so I'm back today!!

Here's what I'm loving this week.....

On Tuesday I got an early Valentines from my sweet hubby! I had a early Kindle edition and for various new features, wanted to upgrade to the Paperwhite! It arrived on Tuesday and I love it already!!! With it being much smaller than my previous one my super cute case does not fit it....and I loved that case! Anyway, after much searching on Etsy I found a store with adorable cases!! Aren't they cute!? Anyway, I'm having one custom made, so I'll make sure to post a pic when I get it!!

Do you follow Huffington Post Parents on Twitter?? If you don't you should! So many great articles on it! Anyway yesterday this article was posted and I loved it. I instantly re-tweeted it because it just tugged at my heart. It really touched home and made me tear up at the end. This quote in particular...

"Overnight we've gone from a world where a never-ending ribbon of days unfurled in front of us, so many they overwhelmed me, to one where every moment feels finite, numbered, and, as a result, almost unbearably precious."

It just shows that this time will be over in a blink of an eye! When days are long and hard I'm going to think if this quote! It was a sweet, true, and loving article, you should read it!

One night while browsing Pinterest, I came across this post! I was trying to get some cute ideas for a Valentine's day countdown, my boys have become slightly obsessed with countdowns for things ;), anyway, this one caught my eye! It's a countdown using bible verses that shows God's love for us! Stick them in something cute, add a few candy hearts and you're set! I'll be on busy working on this tonight!! Nothing like waiting till the day before Feb.1st to start, ha!

This shirt would be perfect to sport at Lane's t-ball games this Spring!

This Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday!!! Looking forward to watching...not that I'm a big fan of either team, but I do like Peyton, Bruno Mars, and football in general! So, Go Broncos!

Happy Friday Friends!!

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Dawn said...

I LOVE that shirt! I just happened to Pin and order it this week.

Taylor Jeavons said...

Man that quote is intense, it definitely humbles and makes me so thankful for the folks I love.

Hayley Chandler said...

I love that Valentine's countdown idea. I will have to remember that for maybe next year.