Sunday, January 5, 2014

Santa Came

Our Christmas morning started bright and early! At 5:30 to be exact! Lane slept on the floor in the guest room with grammie and she said he woke up so early but she didn't know if we were awake yet! Once we all woke up it was time to see what Santa brought! 

Getting their first looks! The boys must have been very good, cause Santa was very generous to them! Levi's big gift was a big wheel and Lane got a Nintendo DS!

Stockings were first!

Then time to unwrap presents!! 

I love this quote....

And here is our mess!!

Jake was a theme this year for little man!!

After opening gifts, we made breakfast...Lane was Iron Man!

And Levi still thought he was in pirate costume, ha!!

We spent the rest of the morning/day playing with presents, as you should on Christmas morning!! It was a wonderful morning!!
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