Monday, January 13, 2014

Disneyland: The Finale

After several Disney posts I have officially documented everything about our trip! Like I've said many times before it was an amazing trip with my three favorite boys! Countless memories were made and I'm so glad that we will forever have these pictures and blogs to look at!
So for the VERY LAST DISNEY POST here is a fun little interview about our trip....(Levi was a little too little to answer some of these!)

Favortie Character Meeting:
Mommy: Peter Pan & Captain Hook
Daddy: Peter Pan
Lane: Buzz Lightyear
Levi: Mickey Mouse

Favorite Ride at CA:
Mommy: Radiator Springs Racers, Toy Story Mania very close second!
Daddy: Radiator Springs Racers
Lane: Radiator Springs Racers
(YES, it's that good!)

Favorite Ride at  DISNEYLAND:
Mommy: Space Mountain
Daddy: Space Mountain
Lane: Space Mountain

Favorite Show or Parade:
Mommy: Pixar Play Parade
Daddy: Fantasmic
Lane: Fantasmic

What was the scariest ride you went on:
Lane: Space Mountain
Levi: It's Tough to be a Bug

What was your favorite toy/souvenir?
Lane: Light Saber that I built
Levi: Mickey

What is your favorite memory of the trip?
Mommy: Walking through Radiator Springs at Night!
Daddy: Riding all the rides with Lane
Lane: Riding Space Mountain

Until Next Time!!!

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Dawn said...

Ryan and I were just discussing what age we wanted to take Garrett. He wants to wait until he is older, but I would like to take him around 4yrs old. Thanks for posting all of your tips! I'm sure I'll be calling you up for help when our time comes.