Sunday, January 19, 2014

January so Far...

Oh, what to say about the first two and a half weeks of the new year?!?! I can pretty much sum it up in ONE word.....FLU!!!! Yes the flu invaded our house the week Lane was supposed to return to school. He ended up missing the whole week, and then wouldn't you know I got it, Paul got it, and just when we thought little Levi would escape it, he got it! It was the worst week and a half ever. I had also gotten sick on New Years day, so I literally feel like I've been sick all of January!! 
Just this week it seems like we are all over it and getting back to normal. I still have a lingering cough that just will not go away! I am hoping this is our sick quota for the year, ha!!
In other news, about a week ago Levi had some big changes!! First off he decided he did not want to seat in his high chair booster seat thing at the table anymore! Second he started sleeping upstairs!! And the biggest thing he has done is potty training!!! I wasn't planning on tackling this while sick, however we ran out of diapers and neither one of us could make it to the store, so underwear it was!! It was the craziest thing, but he totally did it! And he has done great!! He is still in a pull up at night for now, but overall I can say he is good to go!!! It's a wonderful day knowing you don't have to buy diapers or wipes anymore!!

So that's what has been going on at the Furr's! I hope you steer clear of the flu!!

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