Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve started off that morning by saying goodbye to our elf Bernard. Like last year, the boys were able to hold and touch him that day and they were thrilled!!

We ran some errands throughout the day and by early evening it was time for all our usual Christmas Eve fun! First up was making sugar cookies! Levi was napping through this, so just Lane man got to cut them!

All ready to go in the oven!

While these were baking and while daddy started dinner, my mom, grandmother and I took the boys up to the Speedway Lights! Somehow we were like 3rd in line, so we got through it really quick!

After we got home we ate dinner, then iced our cookies!

Next up was making reindeer food!

Silly cheese!

Not much sprinkling going on, more like dumping in one spot!

After a quick cookie snack, it was time to lay out cookies and milk for Santa and put the boys to bed!!

Lane was so into Christmas this year! He truly believed and it was so sweet watching him! All day long he was checking in on the Santa tracker, wanting to see where he was! And he had a hard time going to bed! I think he got up like three or four times checking to see if he had come and just was excited!! Which made for a long night for mom and dad!I love watching Christmas through the eyes of my boys! Up next...Santa came!

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