Sunday, January 5, 2014

Ringing in the New Year

Oh what to say about New Years Eve! It started out great! We had two of our favorite families over for lots of fun! I spent the day doing some NYE crafts, one of which included hourly countdown activities! 

Ring pop party favors for the kiddos!

Our guests arrived around six, all the kids played, the dads grilled and the mamas talked! 

We started doing our countdown activities around seven!

First up, was decorating their toasting cups! They loved this!

Then they did a little 2014 coloring! I was a little surprised at how into they got with these activities!

Next up was decorating balloons!

Then around 9:30 is when our fun night came to an abrupt end! Unfortunately I got sick, very quickly. Everyone had to leave and I felt horrible that I ruined everyone's NYE!!! They were all understanding though! Paul made sure everyone left with their goodies! I went straight to bed and daddy stayed up a little with the boys but I think they were in bed by 10:30! I was super bummed that we didn't get to finish all the activities! So that was how rang in the New Year! I just thought/hoped that was the end of the, not so much...stay tuned!
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