Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Not So Fun Weekend

A nasty little bug has invaded our house late last week and has been wreaking havoc ever since. Last Thursday night Levi began throwing up, which led to me taking Friday off and making a trip to the doc. He informed us it was the stomach bug and it would have to "run it's course"....uh...those words. So Friday for me was a long, tired, day of cleaning up throw up.
Saturday was Lane's last day of his t-ball season. He had a double header. He has loved playing t-ball on the Rangers!
My ballplayer
The lil Rangers!
The rest of Saturday consisted taking care of a cranky baby, diarrhea, and yes.....more throw up!
Sunday Paul had scored to tickets to the Nascar race and took Lane. Lane was pumped to say the least. They had great seats and Paul said Lane was in heaven...even though Tony Stewart didn't win.

Silly dudes

What did momma do ALL day Sunday...take care of a cranky baby...this time no throw up...just lots and lots of diarrhea...think along the lines of about 25 diapers...ya...yea me!
That evening as the race was finishing and I was watching TV...I felt the knot in my stomch and knew what was coming. It hit me quick and I called Paul to tell him to hurry home....yes I know 100,000 fans trying to exit the speedway and I was telling him to hurry home.
About two hours later (and we live about a mile from the speedway), I had gotten sick twice, and Paul called to inform me that Lane had thrown up in his truck and saying he didn't feel good. JOY!
., Lane, and Levi are ALL sick!!! Paul stayed home to take care of all of us!!! Thank goodness he is so awesome!! Not to mention I think he probably did about six loads of know all the towels, blankets, and clothes that had throw up or diarrhea on them...not by me of course!
Levi and myself went back to school on Tuesday...and Lane is still trying to shake this nasty little bug that has completly knocked our family off!! Thank the lord Paul has not gotten it!
This is what the past six days has looked like....

a whole lot of sleeping, tired, sick little boys! And me too.
I am so ready for everyone in this house to be stomach bug FREE!!

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