Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thanksgiving Party #1

Yesterday Lane's class had their little Thanksgiving celebration at school. Seeing how I have already missed a ton of days this year, I couldn't take off. However, it is important to Paul and I that one of us always try to be at the boys' parties so Paul was able to get away at lunch and go!
This picture was of the boys before school yesterday! Love these shirts from Old Navy!
I left my small camera with Paul under strict orders to take "lots of pictures"! Well...daddy kinda slipped on that one...he only took about five! Oh well...A for effort!

 Silly turkey
 This is one of Lane's best buds, Dash!
 And two of his favorite "girl friends"! Faith, the one on the right, and Lane are always together!
 And that's about it for pics! Yep, no class shot, no teacher shot, or them eating shot, ha!!
This was the centerpiece that each kid made. I absolutely love what Lane said he was thankful for....
So sweet!!
Even though I am out all next week, the boys will be going for a couple of hours on Monday-Wednesday. I usually never send them when I'm off, but I feel like I have a million things I need to get done and having some free time in the mornings will let me! Plus, Wednesday is Levi's little Thanksgiving celebration!
Giving thanks day three will come later today...but I am thankful for a whole week off school and date night with the hubs tonight!

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