Friday, December 23, 2011

X-Mas Lights and a Little Artwork

Last night we loaded up and drove right up the road to drive through the Texas Motor Speedway to look at their Christmas light display!! I saw this on the news and knew that Lane would love it! This was their first year doing it there and it was pretty good.

Lane spotted this TMS logo and was so excited! He didn't understand why there wasn't a race going on!

He loved the lit up race cute are they!!?

And he was super excited about sitting in the front seat with mommy!

You actually drove through the inside of the stadium...right under the seats..pretty neat.

Next year we will know to bring along some snacks, seeing how there was so many people there and it took awhile to even get it!

If you follow me on FB than you already know this...but earlier this week I stayed home with Levi to take him to the doc...and when I went to get Lane early at school, I walked right in the middle of paint time and Lane told me to come back later!!! No lie!! 
Anyway he has been brining home so much precious Christmas artwork..! I didn't want to just put them up right now, so I decided to hang them on our pantry door! He was so proud!! Lots of hand and foot prints!!

My favorite it the thumbprint string of lights!! He was so excited to tell me that he used my favorite color pink!! And if you look there is one litle pink thumbprint!!

Handprint Santa!!

And this cute handprint wreath!! Love it!

Such sweet memories and keepsakes to have!

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