Monday, December 19, 2011

All About Cousins

This past weekend was CRAZY!! And our theme for the weekend was cousins!!
It started Friday night...Paul and I both rushed home, grabbed the boys and ALL of our bags, and headed to Arlington to watch my cousin Zach play in the state 4A championship!! He plays for Midway, which also happens to be my high school, so it's always a little extra special to go to his games! They were playing Lake Travis, who has won the state title the past 4 years...yes 4...and although we thought Midway could pull it out, LT snagged its' 5th straight title...crazy!

Even though they lost, it was a fun night...

I love this picture...both boys were entranced by the big screen!

Zach is #11

Lane after a bag full of M&Ms! Oh and a reindeer on his cheek from his school Christmas party!!

Cutie pie

Zach got pulled up on Varsity for the playoffs...and he got to go in!!

After the game, around 11:00 or so, we, along with my Aunt Angie, headed out to East Texas for my other cousin, Amanda's graduation from SFA!!! We got to Henderson around 2:45ish, spent the night, then woke up around 5:45 to make it to Nacogdoches by 9:30! Don't ask why graduation had to be so early!!

Getting her diploma...she got her degree in Elementary Education....adding to the list of teachers in the family!

Me, Kelly, and Bree

Levi wasn't feeling so great and he slept through most of it

I love going back to many memories of our five years there!!
After graduation, the whole gang headed to eat lunch. Daddy and Lane!

The newly SFA graduate!!!

The whole gang!!

Our best attempt at a family shot!

Zack and Amanda being goofy!

And they are getting married this March!!!

Congrats to both Amanda and Zach...we love you both!!!
Sunday was a rest and relax day....Paul and I were both worn out! And today little brother decided to get I'm at home with him. We have one and a half more days till Christmas break....and I am sooo ready for it....I have been so busy, I can't seem to get my feet on the ground. But we sure do have one excited little boy who can't wait!!


Loren Williamson said...

What an absolutely cute blog. I found your blog through a mutual friend's blog (Kacie Whigham).

Your family is precious!

Would you mind telling me how you get your blog so cute? Like how you change your header, side bar fonts, how you get the dots under the headers, etc.

Loren Williamson

Tara said...

Hi Loren!

If your reading this I posted a "reply" on your family blog!!


Loren Williamson said...

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I actually went to high school with Kacie and your husband. If you mention the name Loren Shafer, or Kyle Shafer it might ring a bell to him. I know high school has been a while, haha!

I would have never thought to use PowerPoint. I went in and tried a quick test, but when I instered it into the header, it was huge, so I guess figuring out how big to make it in PowerPoint is key.

I would love for you to make me up some ideas. Maybe once I see what you do, then I get a creative streak going for the next time I decide to change up my blog, which doesn't happen often. I know you have two boys and you are super busy, so please tell me how much I would owe you for doing this for me.

If it would be easier, you can contact me via email at

It's nice to "meet" you too.