Sunday, December 11, 2011

Seeing Santa

This morning we headed to Sundance Square to see Santa!! Lane was super excited. And I have to include this little tid-bit for my memories sake...on the way there Lane randomly said that he wanted a puppy for Christmas!?!? Um...What?? Where did that come from!! We told him that Santa doesn't do live animals, ha!!
Anyway we got there right at 10:45 and had a short wait in the cold. Both boys did awesome! No tears where shed by Levi, not shocking, and he even gave us a smile!!
After I told Lane that he could not ask Santa for a puppy, he asked for a Nascar track and asked for toys for Levi.
Although I wasn't overly impressed with Santa himself...the set-up was very cute, and we only had to pay $7 for a pic...score!!!

Braving the cold

Levi did alot of checking out Santa!

"Who is this man?"

And there's my favorite of Levi!!


After seeing Santa we had a nice lunch downtown, and grabbed a very good cupcake from a new cupcake shop, The Cupcakery, before heading back home.

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Brittany Stokes said...

SO cute! I love their shirts! Where did you get them?