Tuesday, December 6, 2011

24 Nights of Christmas Books

Other than the open-the-flap-grab-some chocloate advent calendars you can find at Michaels' or Target, I've never really done an advent for Christmas. So when I came across a super cute idea for one on Pinterest, I knew I wanted to do it this year!
The idea is to wrap 24 books, I choose all Christmas books, and each night Lane will get to unwrap one and we will read it before bedtime. I loved this particular one because Lane loves books right now, and hey it's better than alot of candy right!
So last Thursday night I put all the books under his litle tree, ready to go! He was pretty excited seeing them all! Once I explained what we were doing and how he couldn't open them all right then, he was excited. Every day he asks when he can open a book!
It's been busy around here so these pics are from tonight...Bernard wanted to join us and listen to the story too!

He picked one and is ready to open!

Cutie Pie

Next year Lane will have to share the unwrapping with Levi!! Hmmm, we'll see how well that works out!!
On a sidenote, while driving home today, Lane informed me that when Santa comes to his house, he will wake up and show him his toys!! So cute!

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