Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Eve

We woke up on Christmas Eve and just relaxed and enjoyed our morning together! Around three we headed to the Gaylord, where we were meeting up with Paul's mom and stepdad!
Before we headed out we had a mini photo shoot with the boys!! They were too cute!

Sweet kisses!

I love this one...they both had crazy faces!

My happy boy!

Here I am with Lane....his first Christmas....same sweater!! Crazy huh!?

Cutie pies!

We go to the Gaylord every Christmas...I love it there this time of the year! It is so pretty!

Rhonda and Slade

Loved this tree

We did Snow again this year...Lane LOVED it!!! Not scared one bit!

He got to ride with daddy


and Grandpa! He loved every second of tubing the hill!!

After the Gaylord we went to grab dinner at Cheesecake Factory...yum...where we met up with Uncle Andy! Dinner was crazy to say the least...both boys were wild and sleepy! Needless to say both boys crashed on the way home....Levi went straight to bed and Lane stayed awake just long enough to make some Reindeer food!!

I'm laughing b/c instead of sprinkling it around the yard, Lane totally just dumped it out in one spot!

Rhonda and I made cookies and left some out for Santa!!
Both boys were tucked away in bed...waiting for Santa to come!!

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