Thursday, December 22, 2011

The North Pole Express

Tuesday night we headed to Grapevine to ride the North Pole Express!! We did this last year and Lane loved it, and this year he was so excited about going! It was just the four of us this year, and we happened to pick a freezing cold night!! Luckily, we got there right as they were letting people in for the show, so we didn't have to wait outside long!

Waiting on the show

Levi slept through the majority of the show!!

(and just b/c I love a little was Lane w/ the same blanket!)

Tickets ready!

Walking through the "snow"! Lane loved it!

All aboard!

Levi was posing for the camera! This is his face when he sees the camera!! Watch in upcoming pics!!

This one makes me laugh for real!!! Look at that face!

Sweet Brothers

Getting our tickets punched by the conductor!

And finally meeting Santa!!

He gave each kid a special bell....

That they rang all night...thanks for that!

Levi just wanted to eat his!

I love this Christmas tradition!! Our visit to the Polar Express was a success!

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Brittany Stokes said...

OMG that picture of you with both boys cracks me up!!! Levi's face!