Friday, April 16, 2010

A Night at the Ballpark

Lane was born at the beginning of the '08 baseball season and when he was a tiny litte thing Paul would sit and watch baseball and have Lane right on his chest! I think he kinda just absorbed it in him...sounds funny I know! But this boy seriously loves all things baseball!!! Paul and I have been dying to take him to his first game, so when Paul came across some free tickets last Friday, we decided it was time! And my mom and sister were here still so we took them along! It was so fun. Lane did awesome. He watched everything and took it all in! The music, the players, the fireworks, all of it! It was so fun and I'm sure it was the beginning of many games with our little man!! You know me....I couldn't let this event go un-documented!! So here it is....cue the music!!!
Take me out to the ball game

Take me out with the crowd

Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks

I don't care if I never get back

Let me root, root, root

For the home teamIf they don't win it's a shame
For it's one, two, three strikes you're out
At the old ball game!!


Vanessa said...

So sweet!

Travis and Natalie Riley said...

Cutest blog post ever! You did such a great job with this post...i love it! I can't believe how big Lane precious.