Monday, April 12, 2010

Cool Toys!

Lane got a ton of great gifts for his birthday...but a few have really been a hit! One of which is his new Lightning McQueen motorized car! He loves it and has learned how to control it very quickly! It's totally random that he has on his Lightning McQeen pj's that particular morning!!
       He is getting a little brave here!!

Here is another cool toy! His very own tent...with a tunnel!! Daddy put it up Easter morning in our living room and he had tons of fun crawling in and out of it!
And last here is a punching bag that aunt Brittany got him! He is hilarious with it!
ALL his toys are definitly keeping him entertained!


Vanessa said...

Lane is so cute! Love the powerwheel!

Brittany Stokes said...

Every time I see the title of this entry, I think of, "Cool, Cool, Cool Tricks!" And notice that I gave him 2 out of 3 of these cool toys!!!