Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010!

Well today my mom and Rachel headed back to North's weird going back to a quiet house! We have had a house full of family for the past two and a half weeks....all here for Lane's party and then for Easter! So here is my Easter post....a week later!
Saturday night we took the kids to see the Easter bunny. While we waited Lane would look over and say "hi easter bunny", but the minute it was our turn and Haley took him up there, he wasn't to sure about him! So this is the best pic I could get! Easter morning we woke up and let Lane and Brody see what the Easter Bunny brought them!
Heres Brody boy with no clue!

Lane's goodies!
Here is my little handsome man in his Easter outfit! I love his hand in his pocket!
The two boys...the best we could get!
After a slow morning, we were all worn out after Saturday, my whole family got together at a park (again) to celebrate Easter. When we were little (meaning all the cousins) we used to have Easter at a park every year....but then we stopped the park this year we decided to go back and we had a blast!! We had this whole little park all to ourselves! We brought out a ton of food, flew kites, hunted Easter eggs, and even had our first annual family whiffle ball game!! Which my team won!!! Here are all the boys/kids throwing the ball around.

Of course my baby was right there with them! These days he always has his glove and a ball near by!
Britt and I got the boys matching outfits for the day!

Most of the family...nice smile Britt!
Lane hunting eggs!
And then checking out his goodies!!
Haley, Bree, Brittany, and Brody
We tried everything to get these two together!

Lane also got lots of Easter goodies from his grandparents!! This is his basket from Grammie!!
And this is his basket from Nana!
We had a great weekend all around! I'm so glad my mom, sisters, and little Brody got to be here with us!

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Kensie said...

SO cute!!! LOVE his plaid shirt! LOL!