Thursday, April 8, 2010

A 2nd Birthday Party....Gabba Style!!

Last weekend we had Lane's 2nd birthday party! It went off wonderfully....we had so much fun! My biggest fear having an outdoor party was the weather, and it turned out to be a gorgeous day...except for the crazy wind....but somethings gotta give right!? Anyway I had such a blast planning this party for Lane. I've mentioned several times how into Yo Gabba Gabba he is, so I knew I had no other choice!

.We had about 45 of our friends and family there to celebrate! Lane has an amazing family who all love and spoil him to pieces!! Anyway here are all the details and pictures from the party!

The Invite
I made the invite and originally had it printed through Vista Print. However, we decided to change the location and I didn't have enough time to reorder, so I took it to Staples and OH mY..they turned out so much better than Vista Print! Images were clearer and the colors were so much brighter and crisp! They looked awesome!

I saw a cute idea on a couple of blogs to hang paper lanters to add to the decor, so I went out on a search for some and found them super cheap at good 'ole Hobby Lobby. My sister and I decided they needed something more so we turned some into the Gabba characters! They turned out super cute! I was worried about the wind blowing them everywhere, but we hung them pretty tight and they stayed put!

Here is part of the cake table. I had tablecloths for all the tables but after my sister and I used a roll of tape on the first one, we decided to scrap the tablecloths was way too windy! I got small buckets, one for each of the characters, again at Hobby Lobby, and filled each with candy. Then I printed out the character printables from Nick Jr. and made the other sticks! I was going to use them as table centerpieces, but with no tablecloths I just decided to put them all on the cake table. It made a cute little candy bar!

The Cake
Once again, my very talented aunt came through with an awesome cake! I love how it turned out and was yummy as usual! She has made every single cake of mine, including my wedding cake, and so far all of Lanes!

Party FavorsI love putting together the goodie bags! I ordered the favor boxes from Birthday Express, then made the little tags to go on the outside. Inside I filled them with Gabba rings and sticker sheets, also from Birthday Express.

While searching online I came across a lady who makes these adorable party favors, for almost any theme or character imaginable! The above left pic are chocolate lollipops! They come with a corrodinating tag. The same lady also makes, below left, mini coloring books and colors in your theme and personalized! I also enlisted the help of my hubby to make CD's full of Gabba songs! I made the label and he made the music! I wanted to give stuff the kiddos could use, not just a bunch of candy!

Again from a blog (gotta love blog world), I found a cute game idea from someone who did a Gabba party. So I whipped up a poster and made the eyes for...Pin the Eye on Muno!! With most of the kids being pretty young I didn't even know if they would be able or want to play it! But we tried it anyway and I must say I was completly surprised! They all did it and actually stood there and watched each other do it! I only made the big kids close their eyes! It was so cute! Believe it or not Lane won! He definitely knows his Gabba characters!

Other Details
Seeing how jumping is one of Lane's favorite things to do, I knew a bounce house was in order for this party!! A Gabba one would have been perfect but I guess it's not that well known yet, so instead of a plain one, we opted for Elmo! It was the highlight of the party! All the kids, big and small, jumped and jumped! I'm not even sure if Lane made it to the playground! We even had to open presents inside!!
Notice Brody boy, sporting the DJ Lance hat!

Oh and as you can see, Lane wanted no part of eating his cake this year!!

My cousin Amanda and aunt Terry got together and made a few of us Gabba shirts, just to have fun with it! So here is Paul, wearing Muno! Is he not the best daddy...anything for his little man!!

Attempted group shots!

Family Shots!
Lane in his Brobee shirt from aunt Brittany! Thanks Aunt B!!

Mr. 2 Year Old
And last but not least, my little two year old himself!! I think his smile says it all! Even though he may not remember anything about this party, I will always have these memories and I loved creating such a special day for my sweet boy!

Happy 2nd Birthday Lane!

Now....on to party number 3.... Kidding....totally kidding!!!


Vanessa said...

OMG! Lane's party was so cute! He looked like he had a great time. I won't mention that I have no clue what Yo Gabba Gabba is! I guess my time will come.

Brandon and Kensie said...

Awesome party...LOVE it all!

Brittany Stokes said...

Tara you know you are not kidding about already planning his 3rd party!!! And whoever is modeling those rings need to be a professional hand model...that is one good looking hand!!! Miss yall! Oh and Cory says that he will blame you if Brody likes Gabba!

Kacie Whigham said...

So cute! What a great party, Mom!!