Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rollin' to EIGHT!

This past Friday night we had Lane's birthday party! In the past year or so he has gotten into rollerblading, so he wanted a skating party! I must say it was one of my favorites yet...aside from worrying about kids getting hurt, it was so easy. All the boys literally stayed on the rink for most of the party. I didn't have to do much at all except take pictures! Not to mention I haven't been to a skating rink in years!!! So all those junior high school Friday nights at the skating rink memories came flooding back, ha!
It all starts with a cute invite...
 He had the rink to himself for about 15 minutes and LOVED it!

Levi did ok! He was a little hesitant but had fun when he was actually on the rink!

Once all his buds arrived, it was lots of skating fun...

Then it was pizza and cake time...

And before I let them loose back on the rink, I wrangled them for a group shot....that was no easy feat! Oh boys!

He had so much fun celebrating with all his friends! And thankfully no one got hurt!!! Now I am onto planning mister Levi's party...trying and hoping to squeeze it in before baby brother arrives!!

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