Monday, April 25, 2016

Tulsa Soccer Weekend-Solar Style

This weekend Lane's soccer team had a soccer tourney in Tulsa, OK! We knew for awhile that there was no way I could travel up there, but we had been trying to decide if Paul should go to...being only two and a half weeks out from baby! It was a big gamble, but in the end Paul decided to take the boys and left me with strict orders to pretty much stay put on the couch! Thankfully baby boy stayed put!.
So the boys all left Friday afternoon, and headed to OK. Even though it was Lane's team and such, Levi had a blast too! All the boys just treat Levi like he's one of their teammates! It's so awesome that they don't mind him! There were lots of team meals, hanging out, pillow fights, swimming, and of course soccer games!  Our boys, once again, kicked booty and won 1st place!! Here some snaps from this weekend....all from my hubby...

I was so sad to miss but so proud of them and glad they had a great weekend with friends!!
Meanwhile, it was a looonnng , boring weekend for me! I did manage to get out Saturday afternoon for a few hours, and I may have spent a ridiculous amount of time at Target, but it was worth it. That was the only real excitement of my weekend. I did realize Saturday that we had a free view weekend of HBO...score! So that helped pass some hours. I think I watched four movies! Then on Sunday I got sucked into another series on Bravo, Southern Charm. Anyone out there watch it!? So I binged watched season two and starting season 3. 
I felt pretty lazy but I know it's what I needed. We have TWO weeks, or less, until baby boy arrives so this was probably my last weekend of doing nothing and pure rest!
Well that's all for now...we are on baby watch, and just taking it day by day! Happy Monday friends!!

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