Friday, April 29, 2016


On Friday my sweet middle turned the big FIVE!!!!! Since April 1st, he has been talking about it! He has been so excited! He woke up early of course, and we had his presents waiting for him!

Then we had donuts for breakfast before Lane headed to school.

 Then he opened presents...

Levi said he wanted to take Lane lunch that day , so we did. My mom had come into town Thursday night, so we all took Lane lunch, then Levi requested Panda for his birthday lunch! My mom and I didn't really want Panda, so we took it to a restaurant in downtown Roanoke.

After lunch we walked down to Hey Sugar for a little birthday ice cream!

Once we got home, and Lane got out of school we had a little bit of time before it was time to head to his birthday party!!!

A Couple of Things About Levi at FIVE:

*Levi you are one heck of an eater. You are my "good" eater....there's not alot you won't try! And you are a bottomless pit! Always needing a snack!

*Just like Lane you are a sports lover! You love to play it, watch it, everything! You are currently playing soccer and doing so good! You love to play hockey in the garage too.

*You love watching Peppa Pig, Dude Perfect, Might Ducks.

*You love to play Minecraft.

*You are doing so well in school.

*You are my little like to argue your point, you are mister independent!

*You are one funny boy! You love to dance and be silly and you are always making us laugh!

Levi mommy and daddy love you so so much! I can't wait to watch YOU become a BIG BROTHER in a few days! I know you will be such a good BB to Luke!!

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