Saturday, April 30, 2016

Partying it up at CEC

Last night we had Levi's birthday party!! He requested a Dallas Stars themed party at Chuck E. Cheese! Not my favorite place, but I was burned out on having parties at trampoline parks, so it just worked! I ordered this invite, and loved how it came out!

Going into the day, I was worried about the weather. They were calling for really bad storms, and I was just praying that it would either hit early or hold off! Luckily, it hit about 45 minutes before, didn't last too long, and everyone was able to make it!! My two boys before the party started!

Family shot....and potential last family shot as "The Furr Four"!!

Cake table...again all done by my aunt!

They played, they ate, they danced, they sang, and they all had a fun time!!

Levi had a great time celebrating with all his buddies!! And I'm so glad we got it in before baby brother arrives!! AND, more importantly, glad baby brother didn't come on Levi's birthday! I'm not sure Levi would of been to happy about sharing his special day!
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